"The first step to find better, sustainable solutions and strategies is to find (your) needs and listen to them."
Core thoughtline from NVC.

Hugo A. Roele

Hugo Roele

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Why Needs?

There is a 'list'of words, that we call 'Needs'. According to our experience these words lead to a higher quality of communication. The way I use and see needs in the Deck of Needs and the Flower of Needs is based on some core thoughtlines, that I see as particularly usefull. Working with NVC (Non Violent Communication), several other methods and many years of both life and work experience have strengthened my belief in the value and usefulness of these thoughtlines.

The general thoughtlines are:

These core thoughtlines lead to the following thoughtlines about listening:

The general thoughtlines about needs lead to the following thoughtlines about solutions / strategies:

Book of Needs

Communication wit Needs has been one of the core elements in my work. More about how needs can support you can be found in the Book of Needs, the  Training courses and (online) Coaching of Kommunikasie and on many more pages here. If you already have experience in communication with needs and find even more reasons to use them, please share them with me (and others) for instance on the Deck of Needs Facebook page..

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