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Deck of Needs

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The Book of Needs

The Book of Needs contains three (yet unwritten) books into one:

Cover Book Of Needs

Our new simple 6 step model for listening allows us to integrate ideas and guidelines about empathy and communication from others with some new powerful guidelines based on our experience as trainer, facilitator, coach and mediator in Africa, Asia and Europe. Our work builds upon the wisdom of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) first created by Marshall Rosenberg in the 1960s and further developed by him and many other trainers around the world. We think that the clear structure of our approach combined with the many guidelines in this book will increase the quality of listening for everyone who works or wants to work as a 'professional' listener and/or wants to improve communication in their own life.

"You've integrated many things I learned about communication into a logical and coherent approach."

Cover Book Of Needs The Book of Needs has become the backbone behind the training courses and tools of Kommunikasie. In the book we show (for instance) the importance of 'being present'. The Empathy Path makes you feel what happens, if you try to listen, when you are not sufficiently present. Our training (including the interaction with others) helps you to find what can take YOU away from staying present and what may help YOU to regain enough presence. Training and coaching can help you to reach a higher level of listening. The Book of Needs offers a reminder of things to learn, things to be repeated and things you've already learned. As reminder it can be read again and again.

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The first (English) edition of the Book of Needs came out in the Summer of 2015. At this moment our focus lies with developing tools based on this book. Order the Book of Needs now. Register or like our Facebook and we will keep you informed about new tools, new games, instruction updates, new books and new translations. Our Facebook page is also our forum for questions, feedback, reviews and everything else we and you might like to share.

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