We use the word 'Games' instead of applications, because we hope, that you - like it says on the card Play - '"will do important and/or less important things with lightness, ease and/or joy".

Self Care

Which feelings and thoughs come up, when you ad the card 'Self'?

Self Card

Double the amount of 'Need cards'bei adding the Self Card.

Games / Applications

On the page Instructions for Starters we've shown three games, that allow you to acquire basic knowledge on how tu use the Deck of Needs. This page is for advanced users, who have worked and played with the Deck of Needs for quite some time.and want to learn more ways to use it.

More ways to find the 'right' words

The following list is part of an ever growing library of applications and games.

Some of these Games can be found in the Instructions of 2014

On the next page we describe some of the expansions to the Deck of Needs, that besides helping to find unfulflled needs, will also help you to find strategies fo fulfil these needs on a higher level.


We will continue to add new games to this page. Please come back regularly and/or follow us the latest developments on our Facebookpage.

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