Paradox of Needs

"To every need there is a twin need. The Paradox of Needs is, that it often seems that we can only fulfil one of our needs at the expensive of its twin need."
Thougtline based on the ideas of Nada Ignatovic Ignatovic

Flower of Needs

Flower of Needs

"Understanding the classification of needs helps you to find words faster and easier, just like the classification of animals helps you to find the name of an animal."
Hugo A. Roele

Classification of Needs

One of the unique features of the Deck of Needs, is that there is a classification behind it. On this page we will show you, how you can use this to find and listen to (your) needs at a deeper level.

Misery loves company

Unfulfilled needs are often related to other unfulfilled needs. It's our experience, that when we use the Deck of Needs to find someone's core message, people often take cards from the same colour. Understanding what these colours stand for, will help you to better understand the speaker and increase the level of being heard.

You can't have it all

 Everything we do, is an attempt to fulfil one or more of our needs." (core thoughtline of NVC). Often the reason why needs are insufficiently fulfilled is that people are trying to ensure that other needs remain to be fulfilled. This is true for the things we do AND for the things we don't do.

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