Thoughts and Feelings

"I'm very angry."
"What makes you so angry?"
"The proposal I worked on for months was rejected without even telling me why."
When something unpleasant happens some people tend to talk more about their feelings, whereas others talk about more their thoughts.

"My cat just died."
"Do you feel sad about it?"
"No, relieved that her suffering is over."

On the Empathy Path you learn how to keep moving between feelings and thoughts until you've listened 'enough'.

Empathy Path

The Empathy Path is a tool that contains 16 A-4 cards, that clarify a structured process for professional listening. It uses the 6-Step Model from the Book of Needs and adds some brand new insights, that help you to experience the benefits of:

Speakers will feel heard at a higher level

EmpathyPath Where is the speaker?

Where is the listener?

Each card shows where you and the others (speakers and listeners) are in the process and which questions need to be answered on this step. In this tool we integrated the following insights:

The Empathy Path is currently available in English, German, Polish and Dutch. It follows the same steps as used in the worksheet 'Listening with Needs'.

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