Deck of Needs

In our Demo we show how you can find and listen to (your) needs in times of crisis.

Which word attracts (your) attention?

Self care

We keep developing new expansions and applications.

Self Card

Which (new) feelings and thoughts come up, when you add the Selfcard to (your) need card?

Free Tools Polish

On this page you can find the Polish versions of our free tools. Instructions to these tools (including this page) are only available in English.

We would like our tools to be used by as many people as possible. At the same time we've put quite a lot of work into making them. It takes time and effort to find the right words, put them into a design, write instructions, keep up this website, etc.. On this page you can find links to several files, that we offer free of charge. This offers you the opportunity to experience the value of our tools. It is also part of our contribution to better communication between you and your customers, friends, colleagues, children, etc. and thereby to what we consider to be a better world.

We ask you to take the following into account:


The Copyrights to all the tools are with Kommunikasie and Hugo A. Roele. When you use one of our tools, we aks that you keep the links to our websites visible. When you work with others, we ask you to tell, where you found these tools. Selling these tools or a (slightly) altered version of these tools is only possible after an agreement with us.

Laminated and printed tools

As service we offer all Free Tools in our webshop for relatively small prices considering the high quality and amount of work. Each card is printed on a professional, high resolution colour printer and hand laminated with the right seize pouches.

(Financial) support

The tools on this page are free. At the same time more financial means, allows us to keep developing, translating and spreading new tools. You can support this by:

A training also offers you the possibility to learn how to use the different tools fast, with ease and (most importantly) effectively.

Our free tools

We currently offer our tools in 5 languages. Click on Dutch, German, English and French if you want our free tools in one of these languages, or choose the free tools in Polish on this page.

Tool About Instructions File
- Work sheet Listening with Needs About Instructions PDF
- Work sheet Speaking with Needs About Instructions PDF
- Self-Card About Instructions Card Set 1
- Pause-Card About Instructions Card Set 1
- YES- / NO-cards About Instructions Card Set 1
- Choose-to / Have-to - cards About Instructions Card Set 1
- Flower of Needs About Instructions Flower and Stem
- List of Needs About Instructions Excel

Card Set 1 contains the YES/NO-Cards, 2 Pause-Cards, 2 Self-Cards and the Choose-to and Have-to-cards. Please notice that the YES/NO-Cards and the Pause-Cards have two sides. We always cut out the cards first before we laminate them. Use the light blue lines on the backside to cut the YES/NO-Cards and the two Pause-Cards. Then use the light blue lines on the front-side to cut the 4 smaller cards. We use laminating pouches that fit the seize of the cards (A7 and A8).

Other Free Tools (that you've seen during one of our trainings) are availabe by request.

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