A director of a school noticed, that she found it difficult to communicate her thoughts, wishes and needs, when there was resistance on the other side (in this case a teacher). We found that her needs were both quality (of the lessons for the children) and certainty that standards from the government and thereby finances were met. We also explored how to find the needs of the teacher, that created the resistance. In a roleplay we practised the new skills. The skills turned out to be useful in other situation too.


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Individual Training Sessions

Sometimes you are faced with a communication challenge where you want a training right now(because the challenge needs attention right now), specific for your issue and with a high level of 'vertrouwelijkheid'. Individual training sessions ofer:

With individual sessions we can make your own tailormade program on topics and skills that you want to learn or improve and work when at times when it fits you.

Exactly what you need and when

Presence What's your challenge?

When do you want it fixed?

Your place, mine or online?

I aim to have sessions of approximately 1,5 hour each. When required to get better results this can be adjusted. Most of the times this means several minutes more. Sometimes it means less time, when the issue at hand has been sufficiently covered and a natural ending occurs.

Give yourself a trial session for only 25 Euro

Book an individual 30 minute trial session for only 25 Euro now and see if you want more.

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