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Deck of Needs

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What do YOU find challenging when you listen? Is it easy to handle strong emotions? Is it easy to find words to summarize what speakers tell you? As professional listener you know how to listen. At the same time I know from my own experience as professional listener that listening continues to confront us with situations that are challenging and where you may like to learn how to act and react more effectively.

What do YOU find a challenging conversation?

To ensure tailor-made training courses I like to work with YOUR examples. Using examples of the participants allow us (you, me and the other participants) to:

With this approach I'm able to give training courses for groups with mixed level of experience and therefore different things they want to learn. Some insights and skills will be the same for all participants. At the same time by using real examples I offer each participants a tailor-made training course and support each participant to make an equally big step forward.

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