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Deck of Needs

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Self Card

Double the amount of 'needs cards' by adding the Self Card available in English, German, Polish and Dutch.


How often do you listen to others? How often do your employees? How often do you listen to yourself? At Kommunikasie we aim to improve listening with training and tools. This will improve the quality of communication and relations at work and at home. And of course the benefit at work will be bigger for 'professional' listeners like teachers, social workers, therapist, mediators, coaches, policemen, nurses, managers, etc. who are more often involved in listening to others and more often confronted with complex and/or challenging situations.

Training and tools for professional listeners

Our training courses and tools aim to support you to:

What helps to talk?

What helps to listen?

Empathy? Clarity? Results?

Listening is a skill worth improving. Sometimes because it helps to get better results. Sometimes because it helps to create and keep a better and more harmonious connection with others. Often because it helps to improve the way people speak. It's been our experience, that continuing to improve your listening skills is one of the best strategies to improve your work, love and life.







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