This listening process based on the Book of Needs includes an example of how the Deck of Needs can be used by professional listeners.


Self Card

Double the amount of 'needs cards' by adding the Self Card available in English, German, Polish and Dutch.

Deck of Needs

What do you really want? What do others really want? What are the needs behind your wishes or the wishes of others? The Deck of Needs is a set of 56 cards to help you find the 'right' words for (your) needs fast and easy AND deepen your understanding AND easily find more needs when needed. We think it's a very powerful tool for professional listeners (trainers, coaches, teachers, mediators, therapists, etc.) and everyone else who wants to improve their communication or support others to do so.

Finding the 'right' words for what you really want

The Deck of Needs aims to support you in:

  • Finding (your) needs
  • Listening to (your) needs
  • Listening to (your) needs at a deeper level
  • Finding more needs
  • Comparing (your) needs

See how the Deck of Needs works in our demo or continue reading and watch the demo later.

Listening to (your) needs

To listen to (your) needs, you first have to find them. Any set of cards with needs offers many ways (games) to find (your) needs. A few games including the 'Wish2Needs' and the 'Flower of Needs' are unique for the Deck of Needs. We plan to offer a library of games soon. A first collection of these games can be found in the instructions from 2014. It's been our experience, that cards can also increase the level of being HEARD. We think this is possible, because you can SEE and physically FEEL (your) needs, when you hold a card with your needs in your hand. Cards can also help to compare two seemingly equally important needs by holding two cards each in one hand, also using 'seeing' and 'feeling'.

Deepening your understanding

The first big difference between the Deck of Needs and other decks lays in the way the Deck of Needs supports you to deepen your understanding. After the update of 2019 the frontside of the cards offers even more possible descriptions and suggestions of fields in which (your) needs may not be sufficiently fulfilled. It's been our experience that these descriptions and fields help to create a deeper level of 'being heard'. The colours of the card help you to quickly find in which area (your) needs are not sufficiently fulfilled. By the numbers on each card we can offer even more ways to deepen your understanding about each need in the future.

Which other need wants to be found?

The second big difference is that the Deck of Needs can support you to find more needs. Once a first need is found, people often have other needs that want to be found and heard too. Suggestions of other (related) needs on the backside of each card on the one hand offer (you) yet another opportunity to deepen your understanding. On the other hand they offer a fast and easy way to find these other needs. For the update of 2019 we have thoroughly explored each card once again. We believe that the suggestions we make are even more solid than in our first version from 2012.

Understanding the Deck of Needs

To better understand the many possibilities of the Deck of Needs described above, we suggest to start small:

After your first experience with the cards, much of what we will explain more extensively on the following pages will be clearer and more easily accessible:

Self Card

More tools

The Deck of Needs has been our main tool since 2012. The last years new tools have been added. Two of them are closely related to the Deck of Needs. The Self Card allows you to almost 'double' the amount of needs found in the Deck of Needs and other decks with needs cards. The Strategy Cards offer yet another way to find (your) needs or find strategies for not sufficiently fulfilled needs. Other tools are based on insights from the Book of Needs and our training courses.

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The latest update of the Deck of Needs is available in English, German, Dutch. We are currently working on the update of the Polish version. We will continue to work on translations into other languages. Order your own deck now. Register now and/or like our Facebook page and we will keep you informed about new tools, new games, instruction updates, new books and new translations. Our Facebook page is also our forum for questions, feedback and everything else you and we might like to share.

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