"Which need attracts your attention? Which needs wants to be found and heard? Concentrate first on the need that creates the strongest physical or emotional reaction."

Hugo A. Roele

Hugo Roele

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There's seldom just one need asking for attention. More often several things want to be heard and seen. A part of you may feel that you need some fresh air or something to drink (although it may not be very urgent). Another part thinks about some errand, that needs to be done before you can cook. You may wonder if it's 'safe' to tell your story to a friend, colleague or therapist. And maybe something recently came up that made you very angry, scared or sad.

All these stories are connected to your needs. Your wish to get fresh air or something to drink is connected to several physical needs and health. It's very likely that these needs are more then sufficiently fulfilled as you read this blog. The errand may be connected to a promise you made and thereby connected to needs like integrity, care for others or maybe belonging. Again I guess, this it may not be urgent pay attention to this need at the moment. Still listening to these needs could become urgent, when you postpone doing this errand long enough. Same goes for the needs behind all your other stories.

Considering that you are now reading this blog, your current Ping-need might be clarity, to learn or personal development. I guess, that one of these needs said ping, when you started to read this blog. It may not have been a loud ping. But it was loud enough to make you read this and it explains, why you are still reading.

When emotions are stronger, the ping is much louder and clearer. What was the Ping-need, the last time you felt really sad? What was the Ping-need, when your friend told you, how scared she was? What was the Ping-need, when something in the news made you feel very angry? Strong emotions often are an indication, that there is at least one need that make several light bulbs on your inner control panel light up and create a cacophony of ping sounds.

Now a Ping-need indicates that there is a Ping-thought and a Ping-feeling too. They want to be heard in a system full of thoughts, feelings and needs. Very likely there is also a Ping-wish and a Ping-strategy that tell you, which action you would like to see. The more unpleasant your current situation, the louder the sounds of these pings will be.

Now a ping and/or light on the dashboard of your car does not mean, that you should immediately stop driving. Often there is some time left between the first time you hear or see a ping and the moment of total shutdown. At the same time it does help if you frequently check your inner control panel, to look and hear if there is a Ping-need, Ping-thought or Ping-wish that wants to be heard. To me the word ping is still a mild warning. I don't see it as an alarm sound. Well at least not yet. Still when you don't do something to fulfil the needs connected to your ping, the soft sound of ping may turn into a loud alarm.

So which need, thought, feeling or thought says ping at the moment? What wants to be heard, seen and taken seriously? Which wish says ping, telling you it wants you to do something? Do you want to discus this with someone else? Do you want to forward this blog to someone else? Do you wish to read more? Which light bulb lights up? What strategy says ping?

Strategy Cards

The word ping first appeared in a demo for the Strategy Cards. I had a title on one of the pages of this demo, that used too many words. Instead of being a clear title, it was a description. While brainstorming with my German friend Karl Gössling I suddenly found the word 'Ping-strategy'. I like that it is both simple, clear and has something playful to it as well. We briefly considered 'alarm need', but associated this word with too many negative thoughts. Ping seems to have the right balance between 'it needs attention' and 'don't panic'. Quickly we realised that the word ping can also be used combined with needs, thoughts, feelings and wishes. Weeks later the word ping still makes me smile. I see that as a sign to share it with others. Does it create clarity? And ... does it make you smile too?

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